Our Garden

The Garden

Elevated and overlooking the rolling country side of West Cork, with views as far as the Kerry Mountains, the garden is on about 1 acre. We started the taming of the garden in 1980 after 25 years dereliction and it is themed around the naturally occurring grey lime stone rock. Field stones are incorporated in dividing dry walls and rockeries to create a number of rooms with micro climates to give home to a number of mixed borders.

The Ground is surrounded by a number of pine trees, hence the name. A Myrtle tree amidst young conifers, Hosta, Azalea and Spring bulbs welcome you at the car park in front of the entrance.

Going through the timber gate on the left of the house you can feel the shelter of the hedge and house from Easterly and Northerly winds. Passing Solanum Crispum, the ornamental potato climber and Clematis Montana, growing on the ruined wall of the original farmstead cow shed, you approach the succulents planting in the naturally occurring grey lime stone rock on which the house is build, followed by a colourful mixed border and various Spring bulbs. The bench under the young Copper beach tree is welcoming you to take in the richness of colour and perfume of the flowers and the warming rays of evening sun.

The dry wall of field stones, planted mainly with Lavender is bringing you 3 steps down to the first lawn with the Avery and small play area. Immediately to the left of the wall the first lilies and tree lilies of the garden, banana tree, dragon lilies and various Cannas will welcome you from June to late summer with Spring bulbs for an early display.

Continuing on the gravel patio to the back of the house is a selection of Tea, Hybrid and Standard Roses surrounded by a variety of spring bulbs and summer perennials. Walking back on the lawn to your left is a small pond, the home of frogs, breeding here for close to 30 years. Between the Cordyline australies and the ground hugging spiky palm tree, on the right and the Fatsia Japonica, that survived our winters for the past 30 years, you will find Shade loving plants such as …. As well as a variety of spring and summer flowers incl. Pinapple and Arum lilies, Primulas, Frittilaria and tulips.

The stepping stones on your left then bring you to the crest with Rosmary, Pieris and a summer flowering Angels Fishing Rod, and further on through another dry wall planted with rockery plants and Lavender. The gap in the wall gives you the first glimpse of the large pond and lawn ahead, framed by Camelia on either side as well as Forsuthia, Hydrengia, Lilac, Magnolia and Lantern tree. The stepping stones guide you past the small mount with various rockery plants to the open lawn in front of the large pond.

The pond and bog on your left are breeding ground for toads, frogs, newts, dragonflies and of course goldfish. Planting of pond includes pink, yellow and white water lilies, Iris and other aquatic plants. The bed at the back of the pond is filled among others with Calla lilies, Monkey flowers, Hosta and Iris. The bordering bog is showing off larger Hosta, Gunera, Skunk Cabbage and various bulbs. The back drop of the pond is a mature Pinetree. Between the pond and the large mount, planted with a variety of plants that withstand the cold Northerly wind, you will find a young fern tree within a collection of ferns and primula in the back. If you turn back to the mixed bed you can see the blue flowering Wisteria and sweet perfumed Honeysuckle on the wall as well as a new collection of bearded Iris. The archway through the hedge is hiding our large compost area to feed and mulch our plants over the year. On the left of the archway the mixed flower bed is beckoning you with smells and colour for closer inspection of our spring flower display as well as our early and later summer display of large lilies and tree lilies, day lilies, Tiger and Foxtail lilies, Kafir and African lilies, Tiger flower, to name just a few.

Walking along the stepping stones you come to the shrubb area with the first Rhododenron flowering from late April well into June, Mahonia Japonica, Magnolia Stellata and a row of deep red Camelia. Continuing on the path through the Rhododendron you will enter our Rhododendron and Azalea garden and the magnificent view over the valley, Ballinacarriga Lake with a glimpse of the castle. During clear weather the view will show you the Shey mountains, Derrnasaggart mountains and parts of the Bogeragh Mountains and a display of Windmills in the distance. This area has its best display from late April all through to June.

Turning to the left will bring you to our platform tree house. Please take good care climbing the steep stairs especially if accompanied by children or elderly. You can relax up there and enjoy the view to the country side and the new perspective of the garden.